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Am I Insured for Ride-Sharing?

As your local agency it is our job to stay informed on new trends that can affect your insurance coverage. Ride-sharing is one of these trends. Ride-share companies, such as Uber, Lyft, and Meijers Shipt, are becoming more common. In fact, several clients have shown interest in ride-sharing activities. Luckily, our carriers saw the trend approaching and now the ride-sharing endorsement is available through Michigan Insurance Group for your auto insurance.

There are several features of the ride-sharing endorsement that are beneficial, most importantly that there is coverage available while you are taking part in ride-sharing activities.

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A few key pieces of the ride-sharing endorsement that are important to know to avoid gaps in coverage are:

1. When you wait for a passenger match, the ride-sharing endorsement, when purchased and where applicable, provides you with comp, collision, uninsured/under insured, roadside & medical coverage.

2. Ride-sharing companies provide certain coverage and limits. Some do not provide comp and collision coverage at all. Without the ride-sharing endorsement, your policy may not cover comp and collision either!

3. When you are en route or on a ride-sharing trip, and have comp and collision coverage, the ride-sharing endorsement may provide a lesser comp & collision deductible than offered by the Ride-Sharing Company.

Take a look at more details in the infographic above. If you have questions about Ride-Sharing, and whether or not you’re insured for these types of activities, please give us a call. 616-755-3000 or 231-755-3000

Collaboratively written by:

Donald A. Shampine, CIC, CRM, President & CEO

Ryan Miller, Licensed Insurance Agent

Karlee Miller, Creative Administrator