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5 Benefits of Keeping Your Car Clean

Keeping your car clean has many benefits. We’ve pooled together 5 of our favorites for you, all of which will make for a very happy car and a very happy you.

1. Lower Repair & Maintenance Costs – Routine maintenance such as getting an oil change and new oil filter, changing the transmission fluid, etc. can lower the cost of repairs, plus your vehicle will run smoother. 

2. A clean vehicle is a safer vehicle – A clean windshield, windows and mirrors will improve visibility and be less distracting. We already face a lot of distractions while on the road. Don’t let bug guts, bird poop, snow or dirt cloud your view.

Our Commercial Lines CSR, Morgan Crampton, goes through the carwash several times a week. Is it the rainbow wash or the shiny car? Maybe, both!

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Our Licensed Insurance Agent, Ryan Miller, highly recommends frequent visits to a car wash during the winter months to remove salt, dust and sand that can rust the under-body and dull the pay on your car.

3. Longer Vehicle Life – Dust and mud can mask corrosion of metals and other parts. Once you drive through a car wash your car will be shiny and clean you’ll be able to see the flaws. You can do preventative maintenance to keep any possible corrosion from getting worse. A cleaner vehicle operates better and looks better, too!

4. Save Gas – Don’t forget about the inside of your car. Hauling around extra things in your trunk or backseat: sports equipment, gym equipment, tools, etc. can add weight to your vehicle, which burns more gas. You’ll save a bit of gas and money, plus you’ll be proud of a nice, tidy car.

5. Stress Free – Your car says a lot about who you are. A clean and tidy car will be a positive reflection of you. Plus, it always feels nice sitting behind the wheel of a clean car!

Written by Karlee Miller, Creative Administrator

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