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Ways to Lower Your Home and Auto Insurance Costs

For most of us, insurance is a recurring monthly bill. Why not try to lower this recurring monthly bill and make more room in your budget? We’ve put together a list of ways to save money on your home and auto insurance payments.

Bundle your home and auto insurance

If your home and auto insurance isn’t with the same company, you could be missing out on a multi-policy discount. Bundling your home and auto insurance will not only save you money but you’ll have the convenience of having your insurance at one place.

Review your payment options

Some insurance carriers offer discounts for automatic payments or paying your policy in full to receive a Pay in Full discount. Choose paperless billing and receive your bills via email to receive the Paperless Billing Discount.

Have you made any major updates to your home?

When you make updates to your house, such as a new roof or heating and cooling system (HVAC), your home insurance premium could be reduced because there is lower risk of a loss.  

Do you have a home security system?

If you have a certificate from a home security company such as ADT that provides fire alarm and home security, show it to your agent so they can update your home insurance and possibly save you some money.

Good Student Discount

Does your young driver have good grades? If so, you might be more than a proud parent when their report card arrives. Show your agent their report card and be an excited, proud parent when you earn a discount on your auto insurance.

Education Discounts

Some of our carriers reward you for that degree or tech school you worked hard to achieve. Also, if you’ve completed a degree since you last purchased insurance make sure your agent is aware of your recent accomplishment.

Multi-Car Policy

You could receive a discount for having multiple cars on one policy. If you are newlywed, this is a great time to ask about the Multi-Car discount.

Proof of Homeownership

If you own your home, you could get credit for it on your auto insurance. Find out if your auto insurance carrier offers a home-ownership discount. You’ll just need to supply proof of owning your home.

Saving money always feels good. Give our agents a call if you have questions about any of these possible discounts.

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Written by Karlee Miller, Creative Administrator

& Christina Jarvis, Agent & CSR