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How Do I Add a Car to My Insurance?

According to Safe Auto the average person will drive 6 vehicles in a lifetime. It’s likely you’ll need to change the vehicle on your insurance policy a few times in your driving career. We have a few pointers on how to add a car to your insurance. The following recommendations will prepare you for when it’s time to tackle a vehicle change on your auto insurance:

Vehicle Information

When you call your agent to make the change on your policy it’s important to have your vehicle information ready. Very similar to when you are requesting an auto insurance quote or first starting your insurance policy, you will need to give your agent the Year, Make and Model of the vehicle. Your agent will also ask if there is a lien holder, that needs to be listed on the vehicle. It’s best to list them now, as your lender will need documentation showing proof that the vehicle is insured.



What coverage do you need for the vehicle you are adding? Your agent can help you determine your deductibles, liability limits and additional coverage based on your needs. Be prepared to answer questions about coverage and always ask questions if you aren’t sure what coverage means.

Are you replacing a car?

Another thing your agent will ask is if you are replacing a vehicle on the policy. Did you trade in a vehicle or is the car you’re adding an additional vehicle? If it is an additional vehicle you will most likely see an increase in your insurance payment. If you are replacing a vehicle your premium may go up or down, depending on the rating difference of each vehicle.

When it’s time to add a vehicle, your agent is here to help everything go smoothly. It’s also a great time to ask the for a quick policy review to make sure you’re getting all the proper discounts and that no other changes need to be made.

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