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Michigan Insurance Group

Working at MIG

Michigan Insurance Group is always looking to grow our team! We look for candidates that have great attitudes, a willingness to learn, asks questions and who want to work with our team. If this sounds like you then, you might be right for MIG.

At MIG we love helping people! We are looking to increase our team with a like-minded person.

The job will require you to:

• Demonstrate excellent communication skills
• Work well under deadlines
• Have great organization skills
• Possess excellent computer skills
• Enjoy frequent team lunches and treats on Fridays!

Interested? Keep reading.


Rude – to clients or colleagues

Lazy – we work at a fast pace

Sees Problems – if you only see problems and not opportunities or solutions 

Needy – the support you need is there but we need to be independent too

Dishonesty – won’t fit at this office or this industry

Drama – we focus on work and fun

If you have some of these qualities and don’t see them changing, then this role will not be for you.

The Purpose

At Michigan Insurance Group, we love helping people. This is demonstrated every day through our interactions with clients, insurance carrier representatives, colleagues and the general public. We look for ways to help. And we want anyone who joins our team to feel the same way!


Michigan Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency committed to help people manage the risks of everyday life by providing education, proper insurance coverage, and outstanding service, while building solid long-lasting relationships.

Michigan Insurance Group Team

Unified Purpose:

We love helping people!

Vision Statement:

To help people while growing our agency.

The Agency

Michigan Insurance Group started in 2002. But we acquired an agency that was much older than us, which means technically we have been helping Michigan clients since 1976! At Michigan Insurance Group we are committed to personalized service as we work to provide our clients with insurance coverage for their homes, autos, businesses and more. We believe that our clients deserve coverage that fits their lifestyle best. 

This position is based in Muskegon.

If you don’t know much about us, you should check out our social media. We are utilizing Facebook, Instagram and can be found on Google with quite a few positive reviews!

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Though you would be an employee of MIG and part of the entire team, in the beginning your primary interactions would be with our Director of Operations, Karlee Miller and our Agency President, Don Shampine.

Watch the videos below to learn a bit about them.

The License

You do not need a license to apply for this position. The primary requirements for working for MIG is a love for helping people a passion for learning, and desire to be part of a team.

You will need a license to work for MIG, but don’t worry, we will help you through that process!


We believe that people need time away from the office and encourage you to take vacation. The first year you are allowed 10 days of PTO prorated to the calendar year and after the completion of your first year it moves to 15 days of PTO. 

We also get 7 to 9 holidays off each year as part of your PTO so you can spend that time with your family and friends.

The Harmony

At MIG we seek harmony between our work life and home life. We feel families and free time are important. All companies will say this, but we demonstrate it by building flexibility into our operations.

Our Operating Hours: Monday – Thursday 8:30-5:00 and Friday 8:30-4:00 (3:00 in Summer)

This is the time that our office is open and operational for our staff.

 Our office Hours: Monday – Thursday 9:00-5:00 and Friday 9:00-4:00 (3:00 in Summer)

This is the time we will be available to clients.

What’s the difference? The difference is, some staff will be here at 8:30 while others will be here by 9. If your role is generally done inside the office, the expectation is to be at your desk and ready to work by 9:00. If you are here earlier, that’s great as you will have more time to prepare for your day. We want people to have some flexibility with their mornings to deal with getting kids to school, or early dentist or doctors’ appointments, without fear of burning up PTO or concerns about others staff frustrations.

Also, our right to disconnect policy helps separate working hours and personal hours. We can’t stop all communications that happen outside of our business hours. What we can do is ensure that you are not obligated to engage while on personal time. We want you to enjoy your time away from the office.

The Perks

Retirement Plan

MIG is committed to helping you secure your financial stability and will implement a matching investment plan to help encourage you to save for the future.

Health Insurance

MIG will pay a portion of your health insurance should you choose to participate in the health plan. We feel this is an individual choice as everyone’s needs are different.

Dental Insurance

MIG will pay a portion of your dental insurance should you choose to participate in the plan. We feel this is an individual choice as everyone’s needs are different.

Vision Insurance

MIG will pay a portion of your vision insurance should you choose to participate in the plan. We feel this is an individual choice as everyone’s needs are different.

The Other Stuff

Bonuses come three times a year. A Christmas bonus to help with those last-minute gifts, an anniversary bonus, because we love celebrating the day you joined the MIG team, and a profit bonus in late Spring because we all should share in the financial benefits of the work we put in.

You may feel that a role in an insurance office is not impactful, but it is. We help people daily, and most importantly, if a claim happens, we help them in their time of need.


There are 3 steps to apply if you feel you want to be a part of the MIG Team:

  1. Email your resume to: info@michiganrisk.com
  2. Create a short video telling us why you want to work at MIG and send the video to: info@michiganrisk.com
  3. Send a text message to Don at 616-638-6196 to let him know steps 1 and 2 are done.