7 Ways to Get Affordable Car Insurance

If you’re asking yourself “how do I find affordable car insurance?,” then we are glad you found us. We’re here to show you a few ways to find car insurance that is affordable.

1. Find a local insurance agent.

Local insurance agents, especially those that work with Trusted Choice, “are dedicated to you and are committed to treating you as a person, not a policy.” What does this mean? Trusted Choice agencies are here to offer you quality service and a quality product at a competitive price. Michigan Insurance Group agents love saving you money by educating you so that you can make decisions about insurance that are best for you. 

2. Drive safe.

Do you have a few points on your record? An accident? Granted sometimes these are unavoidable but sometimes they are not. The good news is the points and accident will be removed from your record in time. Becoming a safer, cautious driver can have its rewards; including a better rate on your auto insurance.

3. Ask about discounts. 

A Multi-policy discount when you combine your home insurance and auto insurance is a widely known discount, but have you heard of a Good Student discount? Auto Pay discount? Education discount? Some carriers also offer a great enough discount if you combine your auto and renter’s insurance to cover the cost of the renter’s insurance. Free renter’s insurance sounds like a great deal! Always ask your agent about discounts.

4. Budget for your insurance bill.

That first insurance payment can be difficult to pay. Getting in the habit of making a monthly payment might be difficult too, but if you can budget for that bill to make sure you have six months of continuous coverage, it is almost certain your insurance will go down. If the carrier you are insured with does not offer a better rate at renewal time Michigan Insurance Group agents will shop for a better rate for you.

5. Get comparative car insurance quotes.

Have you been insured with the same company for years? There’s advantages to that but, if you’re looking to save money it might be time to shop around. Some insurance companies have a certain appetite and you might find you’re a good fit and end up with a much better rate than what you are currently paying. Michigan Insurance Group is an independent agency, which means we have numerous carriers and can do all the shopping for you.

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6. Don’t buy that car yet!

First, get a quote! Auto Insurance quotes are free through Michigan Insurance Group  so, find out how much it will cost you to insure that shiny new car? Will you have a loan on the car? If so, make sure you’re requesting the right insurance. Finding out insurance costs before you purchase a car will help you decide if it’s a smart purchase. If not, maybe you can save money by finding a different car to buy. 

7. When your lifestyle changes, so should your policy.If you move, buy a home, a new car, get married, have a baby, buy expensive toys like a motorcycle or snowmobile, your insurance should reflect these changes. Is it time to combine your home and auto insurance? Purchase life insurance, motorcycle insurance or combine insurance with your significant other?

There are opportunities for savings in each one of these changes. With a patience and perseverance affordable car insurance is out there. If you’re looking for more advice about affordable car insurance our agents will be happy to help. Give us a call at 616.755.3000 or 231.755.3000 | www.michiganinsurancegroup.com

Karlee Miller, Creative Administrator

Christina Jarvis, Licensed Insurance Agent