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7 Insurance Renewal Questions to Ask Yourself

With such a fast-paced world, life changes happen often. You can go through more changes than you may realize during the average six to twelve-month insurance policy term. Here are a couple of question we ask our clients when their policies come up for renewal. These are questions that help us ensure their renewal policy will cover them properly. While reviewing your renewal policy, whether it be home insurance or auto insurance, keep these questions in mind:

Are there any new licensed drivers in your home, drivers that have moved out, or maybe a student driver is now on the honor roll at school?

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Have you purchased any new vehicles or trailers not listed on your policy?

Have you changed jobs, retired, or updated your medical insurance?

Have you remodeled your home, built a garage, pool, or finished your basement?

Did you purchase any “toys” like an ATV or snowmobile, or any jewelry or collectibles?

Have you added an alarm system to your home?

Have you made any other changes such as renting out part of your home, refinanced your mortgage, or started a home-based business?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, there are possible changes that need to be made to your policy to ensure you have proper coverage. We recommend talking to your agent about these changes before your insurance renewal date.