What information do I need to get a Snowmobile Insurance quote?

Who is ready for snowmobile season? If you haven’t called your agent about snowmobile insurance, then don’t suit up yet! You must get insurance, first!

If your snowmobile was in storage, make sure to call and have them put coverage back on your ride. If this is your first-time getting snowmobile insurance, we are here for you. There are just a few key pieces of information you will need to get a Snowmobile Insurance quote from a local agent.

An agent will typically ask you for your full name and date of birth.

Next, they will need to know your address; more specifically where the snowmobile will be stored.

Before you call your agent for a snowmobile insurance quote have the information on the machine ready. Your agent will need the Year, Make, Model and Engine Size

Your insurance agent will also ask the following very important questions. These are coverage related questions and will help your agent determine the right amount of coverage for you and your snowmobile:

  • Who is going to be operating the vehicle?
  • Are there any additional operators you want listed on the policy?
  • Is your snowmobile customized?
  • Do you have safety apparel?
  • Is there a lienholder on the snowmobile?

Now that you know what information you need the next step is to gather that info and request a free Snowmobile Insurance quote. There are several ways to request a quote with our agency:

Call our agency: 616.755.3000 or 231.755.3000

Email our agency:

Or request a quote online:


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