5 Benefits of Working With A Local Agent

Going online to request a homeowner’s insurance quote, messaging your agent to add a new vehicle to your auto insurance, or calling to ask when your insurance renews, are all requests you could make to an insurance company and hopefully it’s as convenient as possible. Here are a few more of the convenient benefits of working with a local agent such as Michigan Insurance Group:

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Multiple Carriers
One of the great things about working with a local agent is that your auto, home/condo or renter’s insurance, motorcycle, snowmobile insurance, umbrella and business insurance are all in one place. This means you can contact the same person for questions on any of these policies.
Multiple carriers also means more options for you. If one carrier isn’t the right fit, we have several others that could meet your insurance needs.
We do the work for you.
Everyone loves shopping when it’s for something shiny or brand new. Shopping for insurance might not top your list of things to do, so we’ll handle it for you. We’ll not only shop for the best rates and coverage for you at the start of the policy, but before every renewal as well!
We will also cancel your current insurance policies if needed, and send insurance information to your lender.
We live in the community that we serve.
We live, work, eat, and shop in the same community as you. We know the area and the risks in the area. This helps a lot when helping clients decide what insurance coverage is best.  
Local Business Recommendations
When a claim situation arrives, and it’s hopefully something you haven’t had to deal with before, you may not know where to go for auto repairs or restoration services. We can recommend local restoration services, body shops or towing companies that we’ve worked with before. We recommend someone we trust to take care of you during your time of need.
Personal Touch
Working with a local agent means we remember your name and your face when you walk in the door. We pride ourselves in building a relationship with our clients so that we can offer the right protection for you, your family, and your possessions.
Our agents strive to learn and grow their insurance knowledge daily by taking classes to fulfill designations. We like to share our knowledge with you, so you can understand the coverage that is offered. We want you to be able to make an educated decision about your insurance.
These are just 5 of the benefits of working with a local agent. If you have any questions about working with a local agent give us a call at 755.3000 or visit us at www.michiganinsurancegroup.com