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Real Reasons to Have Motorcycle Insurance

Of course, there is one obvious reason why you should have motorcycle insurance: It is the law. However, I know there are so many more profound reasons why people have motorcycle insurance. I know a few people who have owned, or own motorcycles and I was really interested to find out why they had/have insurance on their bikes. I reached out to them to get their reasoning. The following are the true testimonies and real reasons to have motorcycle insurance from a friend, my family and one of our very own clients:

“There’s 2 major reasons to have motorcycle insurance: to cover your bike, and more importantly to cover yourself. I’ve heard from a couple riders that it’s not IF you crash, it’s WHEN you crash. You want to wear all the gear/equipment you can protect yourself physically, and the best insurance to protect yourself financially. No matter whether you get injured, or if someone else gets injured and your found at fault.” – Zach Standfuss

David Harris says, “If anything goes wrong and I end up in an accident my insurance will cover the damage. I also have insurance because not only is it the law, but it is also peace of mind.”

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“I would say reason number #1 for me to have motorcycle insurance to cover the possibility of theft, because in my experience through life it is very hard to prevent someone from stealing your bike unless you have a garage you can store it in. Another reason for having motorcycle insurance is to cover the unexpected deer that runs out in front of you. Without insurance your nice $10,000 bike can rack up a huge bill with a very minor lay-down resulting in many of thousands in repair bills, many times resulting in totaling your motorcycle.

Another thing that was a concern of mine was property damage, not that I ever thought I was going to need it because I am pretty safe, but there are always unforeseen variables and having insurance overall gave me a peace of mind so I could focus on riding and not what could distract me from riding.” – Licensed Agent, Craig Hardy

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Our licensed agent Ryan Miller responded with: “Why did I have motorcycle insurance? Partially because it’s required but also if I cause any damage to someone’s property or if i was hit by an uninsured motorist I didn’t want to have to pay out of pocket expenses.”

“I have motorcycle insurance because it covers you when you’re in an accident. I know this from experience. My husband was in a terrible motorcycle accident in another state with his custom-built motorcycle that he built. We added the extra rider on the motorcycle after we got appraised to make sure we had enough coverage on it since it was valued more after being custom built. When he crashed he was badly hurt. Our insurance covered the motorcycle as it was totaled, including his damaged clothing and items he had on him the day he crashed. It’s very important to have motorcycle insurance, you never know when there will be an accident.” – Brooke Baugh

These motorcyclist’s true testimonies and perspective give us real life reasons to have motorcycle insurance. If it comes time to ensure your motorcycle give Michigan Insurance Group a call 616-755-3000 or 231-755-3000.

A message to Zach, David, Craig, Ryan and Brooke: Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to participate in our blog. We appreciate you and your responses!