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When is a good time to shop for Home Insurance?

Throughout the year there are several opportunities to shop for Homeowners Insurance. We highlight good times to shop as well as a few advantages of shopping at these times.

Buying a new home

If you’re shopping for a home and you’ve been pre-approved, it is the time to shop for Homeowners insurance. You will want to have a good idea of what your Homeowners insurance will cost you before the purchase of your home is complete. Too many times, new home buyers do not shop ahead of time and find the home they just purchased is expensive to insure. Knowing ahead of time gives you time to shop and prepare your budget.

Another advantage of shopping ahead of time is that you will be more prepared when meeting with your lender. Most mortgage companies have requirements for Homeowners insurance. You’ll be ahead of the game if you shop for home insurance first.

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During a refinance

Another opportune time to shop for home insurance is during a home refinance. In our experience clients may not find this as a good time to shop because they’re in the mind set of trying to save money, but shopping for Homeowners insurance is an additional way to save money. If you’re working with a local agent, they will take the worry and stress out of shopping around for multiple quotes by doing that for you.

Before your insurance renewal

Key word: Before. Michigan Insurance Group keeps an eye out for your renewal date and shops for your home insurance with several carriers before your renewal date arrives. We do this ahead of time so that when your renewal date approaches, you’re aware and prepared for the change.

If you’re not with a local agent, we highly recommend shopping for insurance before your renewal so that you don’t experience additional costs if your home insurance renews with a rate increase.

In conclusion, it is a good time to shop for home insurance before you need the coverage. If you’re looking for Homeowners Insurance give us a call. 616.755.3000 | 231.755.3000 We’ll be happy to answer any questions and get you great coverage for your home.

Written by Karlee Miller, Creative Admin & Christina Jarvis, Agent & CSR