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Top 5 Reasons Why I have Renter’s Insurance

My family of four and our two cats live in a 1,500 sq. ft. apartment. It’s a bit crammed but it’s our home. Even though the apartment is small we somehow fit a lot in it.  Every closet, shelf and cupboard is filled with our stuff. How we fit all of our stuff, ourselves and our cats in that space, we may never know. What I do know is we value all these things as much as the time and memories we’ve made in this place where we feel safe and secure. It’s important to know what you value as you decide if renter’s insurance is for you. So, I give you 5 reasons why I have renter’s insurance:

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1.      Neighbors. If the neighbor happened to catch the apartment building on fire and our property was damaged the renter’s insurance would help replace our things. You never know what is happening on the other side of the wall so why not safeguard your stuff?

2.      I love my stuff. I need my stuff. Clothing, computer, jewelry, sports equipment, my daughter’s things, my husband’s work attire, shoes, etc. If something was damaged in a fire or stolen, I know I would feel victimized and upset. I have Renter’s insurance just in case something happens. I know I won’t be able to afford to replace it all myself.

3.      Worst fear: Apartment fire. My worst fear is waking up and smelling smoke and realizing my home is on fire. Maybe this is extreme, but it is true. Losing everything we work so hard to get is part of that fear. Having a Renter’s Insurance policy lessens that fear for me.

4.      I hate being cold. So, sleeping outside doesn’t sound the least bit exciting to me. Camping in the Summer is one thing but being homeless sounds like “we’re up a creek without a paddle.” If our apartment were damaged and we couldn’t live there anymore Renter’s Insurance could helped cover the cost-of-living expenses while the apartment is being repaired.

5.      I love discounts and sales. We receive a discount on our auto insurance by having renter’s insurance. The discount we receive covers the cost of our Renter’s Insurance; therefore, we had coverage on our belongings for free! A win-win!

Your top 5 reasons might be similar or completely different. None the less, if you couldn’t afford to replace your belongings or pay for extra housing, Renter’s Insurance is probably for you.

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